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Copyediting Services

What is copyediting and why do you need it?

A copyeditor plays a crucial role in the publication process. They refine the manuscript to ensure clarity, consistency, accuracy, and readability. When your manuscript gets to the copyeditor, it is in decent shape. The plot has been checked by a developmental editor (or a horde of beta readers, maybe), but it still needs a thorough check for grammar and consistency. For example, imagine that your character has blue eyes on page 5 and brown eyes on page 120; your copyeditor will look for these things when examining your manuscript.

So, why do you need a copyeditor?

First impressions count. Your new book can have a professional-looking cover, but if a reader spots an error, they may stop reading and/or leave a negative review.

Often as a writer, you are too close to your project. You know the message you are trying to get across and therefore don't see any inconsistencies. A copyeditor will look at your work with a fresh pair of eyes and is trained to spot those errors and advise you appropriately.

I will check your work for consistency (character's characteristics, title/section headings. 

I will do a basic fact check (non-fictional).

I will ensure the timeline and the fictional world hold together.

I will clean up the document for design (delete unwanted extra spacing) 

I will keep the narrative voice consistent. 

And, I will check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

I hear you thinking: "Can't my premium subscription to Grammarly or ProWritingAid not pick these things up?"
The answer is No, it does not. To some extent, spell checkers and grammar checkers are great tools to get the bulk of the errors out. However, since they cannot read the context, fact-check, or take notes on a style sheet for consistency purposes, certain errors are overlooked. This is where the copyeditor saves the day.

Please do get in touch for a quote.

For FAQ and prices click here.

(Listen to this podcast episode for more info on the copyeditor's role in the editing process.)

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