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Dutch 2 English

Proofreading services for English texts that have been translated from Dutch.

As a fluent Dutch and English speaker, I am able to check any Dutch to English translated texts and make sure that the translation is suitable for its audience.

I have a BA in English Language and Literature, so you can be confident that I, as a bilingual proofreader, will deliver excellent service.

Please contact me for a quote.

Not lost in translation

I will check if the purpose of the text is transferred by reading the original Dutch text and the translated English text.

Grammar and spelling

Dutch and English grammar are very different, I will make sure that the sentence structure is correct. I will also check if the spelling and punctuation are correct.


Keeping in mind that the project is a translated text, I will advise on the choice of vocabulary. There may be a more suitable word available that will make your text more coherent.

For any size project

For projects such as blog posts, website content, business forms, novels, etc.

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