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Advise vs Advice.

Verbs and nouns that are almost written the same, like advice and advise, always tend to cause confusion. And in the proofreading process, they're often overlooked. In this post, I will explain the difference between the two so that when you spot these words next, you know what to do.

Advice (with C)

This is a noun, which is a type of word used to identify a place, thing, or people.

Use this when describing guidance: 'My advice is to cut your hair short.'

Advise (with S)

This is a verb, or as most people say, a 'doing' word.

Use this when you are in the act of advising someone: 'I advise you to read these documents prior to signing them.'

I advise you the following advice

I hope this was useful. So, when you use/see advice or advise next, think whether it is describing guidance or the act of advising, and go from there.

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