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Breaking News of Tomorrow. A book review.

An unexpected concept brought to life. A thrill right from the start. A murderer on the loose and a protagonist who knows where he'll be.

I have never given much thought to world events that could possibly happen tomorrow, so the idea of knowing what happens next and deciding what to do with this information is an unexpected and interesting concept that Igor Chirashnya brought to life in Breaking News of Tomorrow.

Breaking News of Tomorrow Igor Chirashnya

This review was first published on Reedsy Discovery.

Igor gives the reader a thrill right from the start. A murderer on the loose and a protagonist who knows where the murderer is going to be the day before the crime is committed is sure to get anyone’s imagination going. Those first chapters were exciting, and I was eager to see what was next. What follows those initial chapters is a puzzling and long-winded description of Mike’s self-destructive obsession with how The Breaking News of Tomorrow website is operated.

Breaking News of Tomorrow is an interesting read with fascinating characters that come to life. Intricate backstories tie every angle together neatly, from nosy neighbours who don’t miss a thing to Russian espionage and emotional rollercoasters. Excitement galore.

As a reader, I wish there were more answers to the many questions that arose in this novel. As I came to the last twenty pages of the book, I wondered how the author was going to wrap everything up in so few pages. As it turns out, no answers were given; instead, more questions surfaced. The ending of the book feels more like the ‘climax’ instead of the ‘falling action’ and ‘resolution’ that one expects of such a novel.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading this book and getting the know the characters. I would love to find out how this story ends, and I assume I’ll have to wait for a follow-up that may be in the works already. Therefore, I’ve given this book three stars for its fascinating, engaging, and entertaining value.

You can buy the book here.

three star review
Worth reading!


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